Okay, but after Steve’s monologue in today’s episode, you know what I really want to see more than anything?

Cecil being confronted with conflicted truths.

Remember how in Cassette, Cecil really sort of pulled back in fear when he was confronted with the truth of his past? Yes, of course that would be terrifying for anyone, this isn’t a judgement call on that.. but when put in an uncomfortable situation like that, Cecil reverted right back to the Night Valian way of denying everything and simply crushed the tape to get rid of the evidence.

I think that a major turning point in Cecil’s development will be the point at which he does not run away from things that conflict with his Night Valian view of the world, but rather, resorts entirely to his journalistic nature and seeks them out.

Cecil will probably always have a very strong loyalty to Night Vale culture, and that’s great! It’s what makes Cecil, Cecil. But I think we all can agree that he could learn just a little from Steve at this point.

I mean, Cecil has already developed tremendously over the course of this past year, with Strex and with his relationship with Carlos and everything.. But after hearing Steve’s monologue, I think his character still has so much more room to grow, and that excites me.